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Helping Student Athletes

Achieve Academic and Athletic Excellence



Modern student athletes come from the most diverse population in the history of the American education system. Yet, while there are limitless levels of opportunity, many students in need struggle to afford athletic resources and school tuition. This needs to change.

Milton Goode, former Olympic athlete, began this program to provide these resources to young boys and girls of all ethnic identities and athletic ambitions. His organization will not focus just on one population, or one particular ethnic or racial group, or one specific location. Instead, he would rather aim to support any and all motivated students who are in need to further their education beyond primary and high school. 

Our primary goal as an organization is to provide accessible and well-managed outdoor tracks for boys and girls of all backgrounds and cultures. Our secondary goal is to create opportunities for student athletes and is ingrained in a rejection of the current financial challenges in place that may discourage the next generation of world leaders.