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Track and Field Training

Strength, conditioning and physical preparation are just as crucial as the time spent training, competing and preparing for competition in Track & Field.  Working out with an Olympic athlete can help you achieve the strength, stamina and confidence to complete.

Milton Goode is a former United States Olympic athlete deeply committed to helping student athletes.

Milton’s mission is to coach and to make training affordable to every high school and college student. 

One on one and group training is available starting at only $60.

If you’re interested in training for an athletic scholarship, financial assistance for school or just want to hone your skills, contact Milton today and see how he can help you bring your dreams to reality. Call toll free 1-800-717-1164 or send us an email.

Group winter training is January 1st through the first week in March.

Group summer training is April 1st through the end of October.

Spaces are limited. Reserve now!

100% of the proceeds support our programs to help student athletes. 

More personal than a camp or clinic. Learn at your own pace. Whether you are local or joining us from a distance, training is affordable for every student from every walk of life. Training is held at both indoor and outdoor facilities. Students learn everything there is to know about track and field. Running, jumping, breathing techniques and how to get recruited.

Division 1, Division 2, or Division 3, the recruiting process can be daunting. Talk to an expert who can walk you through the process step by step. 

Earning an athletic scholarship for school is life-changing. There are thousands of athletic sports scholarships. With the right coaching and leadership, you can receive one of them.